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Psychology of computer programming ebook

Psychology of computer programming by Gerald M. Weinberg

Psychology of computer programming

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Psychology of computer programming Gerald M. Weinberg ebook
Publisher: Dorset House
Page: 299
Format: djvu
ISBN: 0932633420, 9780932633422

Is an excellent book by Jerry Weinberg. Wienbergs "Psychology of Comp Programming" delved into the effect of languages a little. In 1971, Gerald Weinberg published his (now classic) book, The Psychology of Computer Programming. The Psychology Of Computer Programming – Gerald Weinberg THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Persuasion – L. A thought provoking book on how humans program, and how they interact with others. Computer-Programming I recently read (sort of) Frederick Brooks's The Mythical Man-Month. Originally Released in 1971, follow ups added 1998. Iirc there are a A computer programming gig for a psychology professor got him interested in neural network modeling and mathematical psychology, in which he earned his Ph.D. As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages. From the University of Toronto in 1993. The Psychology of Computer Programming 398 pages | Sep 22 2010 |ISBN: 0442292643 | PDF | 5.5 Mb This book has a wealth of information on how programmers work when in groups, and is a useful. Unfortunately, geek psychology doesn't often lead to this kind of design process. The psychology of computer programming. In fact, a successful reduction is merely translation from a high-level language (like psychology) to a low-level language (like a computer programming language), without any loss of detail. Mostly a lot of questions to think about. I got a "new" book in the mail a few weeks ago and finally had time to crack it open, "The Psychology of Computer Programming" by Gerald M. The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming as told by Jerry Weinberg: The Psychology of Computer Programming. Posted on It is an excerpt from Jerry Weinberg's book The Psychology of Computer Programming. As I understand it, this book is a cult classic, and I was very curious to read it.

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